1st Edition of the National Equestrian Tourism Days

May 21, 2018 | News

Comfortable. Great Events at national level continues with its work of local promotion for the development of soft mobility and launches from sunday may 20th until june 30th, the Days of the National Equestrian Tourism.

In an economic and cultural reality equestrian tourism helps to develop values oriented to nature, environmental protection, preservation and maintenance of natural recreational spaces to discover the heritage and human relations; It is a different way of approaching the horse, a wonderful adventure in the company of an animal whose history has been closely linked to that of man for centuries. The equestrian tourism gives the rural world a way to regenerate, to diversify its activities, to open new perspectives. Equestrian tourism is a safe source of socio-economic opportunities for new types of tourism in Italy.

The Co.Mo.Do. Studies Center┬ánotes how important the data on the number of people in Italy are dedicated to equestrian tourism: 900 million euro’s of tourism-related business in the saddle, 40,000 people employed in the equestrian industry. In fact 40-50 thousand employees in the horse industry and almost 3000 farms mainly devoted to the breeding of horses. With the First National Day of Equestrian Tourism Sunday May 20th to Saturday June 30th, to explore the most beautiful parts of the outdoor tourism in soft mobility, interwoven into nature, culture and rural Mediterranean.



The event created by Co.Mo.Do., enjoys the patronage of the European Parliament, the Ministry of Environment, Ente Alcantara River Park, the Park Nebrodi, the Fitetrec-Ante, the FISE- Italian Sports Federation equestri- national Agency environmental equestrian Guide, the Endas Riding, Asi Riding equestrian activities of UISP, the DMO Mediterranean Pearls.

Technical partners: the two national platforms Riding on the Web and Horse Touring .
With the media partnership Viaggiatori.com

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