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I have been an amateur rider since I was 9 years old. I was born in Rome in 1974 and I moved to Veneto for the university. I approach the breeding activity after 7 years of work as a psychologist in the province of Verona. I especially love the knabstrupper horse, originally from Denmark not only for its very particular color but above all for its personality characteristics, which make it the most similar to a dog in the equine world.

His ability to bind to a single rider and follow him everywhere with trustworthy devotion is extremely strong. From 2008 to today I have worked to improve my group of mares, selecting them for purity of blood color and above all available temperament. In 2014 I started to specialise in ponies, type A and B, following the line of the Danish breeder Anne Maghrete Madsen, from which I learn that the color of the knabstrupper can and must vary, not only expressing itself in the leopard, but opening up to each pattern, and also the importance of cross breeding.

Keeping my park of mums with high percentages of blood, from 8/16 to 14/16 in the 4th generation, now I have 3 stallions, a cross breeding knabstrupper-Welsh, a pure knabstrupper and a cross breeding knabstrupper -miniature horse. The latter Bakkehoj Stars in the Sky, son of Stars Give Me Fever, an original American miniature horse arrived in Denmark turned out to be an excellent choice because it allowed us to insert more elegant lines from miniature pony with an elegant morphology and a fabulously available temperament.


Today my kennel has 28 boxes, a maternity area, where pregnant mothers are found or with weds to wean. We have a knabstrupper brought from Germany in breeding, jumping mare and currently 6 mums pony of height between 110cm and 120, two double ponies, they too are breeding.

The stallions are three, Bakkehoj Stars in the Sky (knabstrupper x amha of 85cm), Bakkehoj Batmann (knabstrupper pure breed of 100cm) and Marvin Overbjerg (knabstrupper x Welsh of 115cm). They will be presented to the final test performance in March, by a jury of managers of the Danish studbook and we also hope that they can also please an outside audience who decides to have their ponies covered by them.

We are in Viterbo, where we moved in 2014 due to space requirements which we did not have in the Verona area where we resided until then.

Raising knabstrupper is fantastic and a privilege because this ancient breed, the KNN studbook dates back to 1813 it is still a limited breed today and there are still few specimens in the world although its the passion in Northern Europe where there are many breeding in the USA and one also in South Africa.

Every child should have a pony, preferably a knabstrupper pony.

Allevamento Knabstrupper P2

Strada Martana (sp7)  01100, Viterbo