Cesare Croce Arrested : Event Director CSIO Piazza di Siena 2018

May 22, 2018 | News

Former president of Fise Cesare Croce was arrested as part of the investigation concerning Giuseppe Malaspina, a real estate agent and entrepreneur from Brianza of Calabrian origins, who saw 21 people go to prison this morning. Seized the building that housed the Gritti hotel near La Scala, a luxury hotel in Venice and a riding school in Brianza for a total value of 100 million euro.

The Italian Equestrian Sports Federation communicates that it has learned through the press, the news of the judicial case involving Cesare Croce, Head of the Dressage Department.

Specifying that the conduct challenged by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, are not inherent in the federal activity and in full confidence in the work carried out by the investigating bodies, the Federal President – by an emergency resolution – suspends the tasks assigned to Cesare Croce in the context of Federation, waiting for the investigations to be carried out rapidly in which it is hoped that Cesare Croce will prove his own extraneousness.