Seized Malaspina Equestrian Center

Seized Malaspina Equestrian Center

Bribes to turn a blind eye to the irregularity of some public works and invoices issued for non-existent transactions for an amount of about 95 million euro, with capital disruptions for a value of 234 million euro. Twenty-one people were arrested by the Guardia di Finanza of Monza in execution of an order of the investigating magistrate of Monza for criminal association aimed at tax and bankruptcy crimes, fraudulent transfer of values, money laundering and corruption. Among those arrested, ten of them in prison, there is also the former magistrate Gerardo Perrillo who served in the Bankruptcy Section of the Court of Monza and two lawyers. The arrests were taken in the province of Milan, Monza and Brianza, Lecco, Bologna, Asti and Reggio Calabria.

The investigation, called Domus Aurea and coordinated by the prosecutor of Monza, Salvatore Bellomo, was born from an anonymous exposition of a political exponent of opposition from the municipality of Correzzana against mayor Mario Corbetta, who was investigated for corruption. The investigators had requested arrest but the offense was prescribed. The precautionary measures were carried out by the Guardia di Finanza of Monza, following an investigation that led to the dismantling of a group of companies attributable to a Calabrian building contractor, Giuseppe Malaspina, a resident of Brianza, accused, among other things, to have issued invoices for non-existent transactions for an amount of approximately 95 million euros, with capital disruptions for a value of 234 million euros. Around the entrepreneur revolved a group of professionals who made available their skills to create a sophisticated system of companies aimed at distracting capital. A real network with a “meticulous division of roles”, in which the role of accountants, surveyors, engineers, lawyers “was found – as explained by the prosecutors of the survey, Salvatore Bellomo and Giulia Rizzo – essential for achieving of the entrepreneur’s objectives “.

Among the assets seized by the Guardia di Finanza of Monza during the operation there is also the hotel Cà Sagredo of Venice which, until a few weeks ago, hosted “Support”, a work made up of two great hands of the artist Lorenzo Quinn , installed on the occasion of the Art Biennale and removed at the beginning of May. However, the reply of Lorenza Lain, director of the Venetian hotel, came around: “The Cà Sagredo hotel has an independent management, separate from that linked to the property of the surveyor Giuseppe Malaspina. me and the hotel is fully operational with an active budget.The relations with the bankruptcy curators – he adds – are excellent and there is good cooperation in order to keep the hotel fully operational and autonomous “.

Also seized the building that housed the Gritti hotel in Milan, a few meters from the Scala, and a riding school in Oggiono (Lecco). The arrested are accused in various capacities of criminal association aimed at tax and bankruptcy crimes, fraudulent transfer of values, money laundering and corruption.

In total, the preventive seizure of 28 real estate units, company shares and financial assets, subject to distraction, for a total value of 9.3 million euro, aimed at confiscation up to the amount of about 10 million euro was ordered; corresponding to the evaded tax.

At the base of the investigation of the Monza group of the Guardia di Finanza, many interceptions. “Everything we have said today is fake, the problem is having a piece of paper”, one of the arrested persons explained, in the words of another suspect, the identikit of the mendigators to look for and to which the companies are registered. sixty, seventy years .. nullatenente .. loser .. one of those who sign and do not understand anything .. “” Look here that you have to make a fancy effort .. it takes Walt Disney “.

“There have been contacts with many administrations where the entrepreneur has built real estate complexes, residences, sports facilities, stables, or where he has made investments in the hotel industry – explained the pm Bellomo -. This investigation is closed, if other irregular situations emerge in other administrations, we will proceed with any necessary analysis “. “It was a complex investigation for the plot to be deciphered – says the head of the Monza prosecutor Luisa Zanetti – With the unlawful conducted unveiled, made of illegally stored assets, with subtractions to the tax authorities of false invoices, you contribute to in crisis the economy of a country, to discourage investments “.

The Guardia di Finanza has arrested some of the suspects while they were about to destroy the evidence with a bulldozer. The center of the organization was in Vimercate (MB) and right there the agents of the Gdf surprised some men while they were loading documents in a box with a bulldozer. Their goal was probably to load them on a truck and destroy them.

Source: Sandro De Riccardis “La Repubblica”

1st Edition of the National Equestrian Tourism Days

1st Edition of the National Equestrian Tourism Days

Comfortable. Great Events at national level continues with its work of local promotion for the development of soft mobility and launches from sunday may 20th until june 30th, the Days of the National Equestrian Tourism.

In an economic and cultural reality equestrian tourism helps to develop values oriented to nature, environmental protection, preservation and maintenance of natural recreational spaces to discover the heritage and human relations; It is a different way of approaching the horse, a wonderful adventure in the company of an animal whose history has been closely linked to that of man for centuries. The equestrian tourism gives the rural world a way to regenerate, to diversify its activities, to open new perspectives. Equestrian tourism is a safe source of socio-economic opportunities for new types of tourism in Italy.

The Co.Mo.Do. Studies Center notes how important the data on the number of people in Italy are dedicated to equestrian tourism: 900 million euro’s of tourism-related business in the saddle, 40,000 people employed in the equestrian industry. In fact 40-50 thousand employees in the horse industry and almost 3000 farms mainly devoted to the breeding of horses. With the First National Day of Equestrian Tourism Sunday May 20th to Saturday June 30th, to explore the most beautiful parts of the outdoor tourism in soft mobility, interwoven into nature, culture and rural Mediterranean.


The event created by Co.Mo.Do., enjoys the patronage of the European Parliament, the Ministry of Environment, Ente Alcantara River Park, the Park Nebrodi, the Fitetrec-Ante, the FISE- Italian Sports Federation equestri- national Agency environmental equestrian Guide, the Endas Riding, Asi Riding equestrian activities of UISP, the DMO Mediterranean Pearls.

Technical partners: the two national platforms Riding on the Web and Horse Touring .
With the media partnership

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Information about events in the portal
Twitter: @coopmobdolce
#latuastrada – For photos and interviews: 338 7993857

Paolo Paini in the Italian team of Piazza di Siena 2018

Paolo Paini in the Italian team of Piazza di Siena 2018

Substitutions in Team Italy for the upcoming Cup of Nations Intesa Sanpaolo scheduled for Friday May 25 at Piazza di Siena.

Paolo Paini and Ottava Meraviglia of Ca ‘San Giorgio take the place of Lorenzo De Luca and Ensor de Litrange in the quintet indicated by the national selector Duccio Bartalucci.

The Italian team is now composed of Bruno Chimirri with Tower Mouche, Luca Marziani with Tokyo du Soleil, Emanuele Gaudiano with Caspar, Giulia Martinengo Marquet with Verdine SZ and, indeed, Paolo Paini and Ottava Meraviglia di Ca ‘San Giorgio.

The other substitution concerns the pairs in the competition only on an individual basis with Carlo Rogiani and Freestyle who take over from Antonio Alfonso and Chic Hin d’Hyrencourt.

Friday 25 May will be a special day for Italian equestrian sports. As announced, the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella will be present for the Nations Cup.

The team that among the nine at the start – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Holland, United States of America, Sweden, Switzerland – will win the prestigious competition reserved for national representatives, will therefore have the honor of being awarded by the highest office of the Italian State.

Respecting the agenda of the President of the Republic, the start of the first round of the Cup of Nations Intesa Sanpaolo was therefore anticipated at 14.15.

Wednesday, May 23 will be held the traditional meeting with the Italian riders for the CSIO in Rome at 14.30 in Piazza di Siena in the press room with the FISE President Marco Di Paola and technical commissioner Duccio Bartalucci will in fact be available to media representatives at the vigil of the Roman competition.

McLain Ward speeds a victory at North Salem CSI3*

McLain Ward speeds a victory at North Salem CSI3*

U.S. Olympic team gold medalist McLain Ward of Brewster, NY, earned an impressive win aboard Clinta in the $35,000 Welcome Stake of North Salem CSI3* on Thursday, May 17, at the 2018 Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Shows, running through May 20 at Old Salem Farm.

Coming off a recent CSI5* victory at the Longines Masters of New York just three weeks ago, Ward proved the versatility of Clinta, an 11-year-old Oldenburg mare (Clinton x Lord Pezi), owned by Sagamore Farms, by claiming a win outdoors at Old Salem Farm. The indomitable duo bested a field of 59 over courses designed by Alan Wade (IRL). Crossing the timers in 37.32 seconds, Ward posted the fastest jump-off round by one one-hundredth of a second over runner-up Brianne Goutal-Marteau (USA).

“It was good fortune,” said Ward of his narrow victory. “Brianne’s horse is a bit of a faster horse. He can’t quite cover the ground the way Clinta can, but he’s quicker over the jumps. [Clinta] loses a little time in the air and I was galloping, but I wasn’t going full speed with her. I tried to execute the plan and it would fall where it would.”

“The [Longines Masters of] New York was a boost of confidence and showed us we were headed in the right direction,” continued McLain on the progress of Clinta, a mare he added to his string at the end of the winter season in Florida. “I wanted to show her here at Old Salem to get on the grass once before going to Europe, but unfortunately the weather is not cooperating with us. We’re lucky this venue has such great all-weather arenas to fall back on.”

Ward considered not returning for the jump-off and saving Clinta for the $131,000 Empire State Grand Prix CSI3* on Sunday, but decided to take the opportunity to learn more about his new mount, saying, “I wanted to do the one inside turn on the oxer because I haven’t really done that with her to an oxer. I thought I needed to experience that at some point and see how she reacts, and she performed great. Every round I have with her, I know her a bit better and probably take a little bit of a breath myself.”

Goutal-Marteau and Fineman, owned by Rose Hill Farm, settled for second place in 37.33 seconds, while Daniel Bluman (ISR) took third in 37.64 seconds riding Cartouche for owner Over The Top Stables, LLC. Peter Wylde (USA) finished fourth in 37.85 seconds riding Canamera 2 for owner Kathleen Kamine, and Devin Ryan (USA) rounded out the top five aboard his own Cooper in 38.63 seconds.

Also claiming a win in the jumper ranks on Thursday, Quentin Judge (USA) topped the $10,000 Open Jumper 1.40m riding HH Casey Jones for owner Double H Farm.

The Italian’s list at Piazza di Siena

The Italian’s list at Piazza di Siena

FISE has announced today the names of the 18 riders who will take the field for the 2018 edition of the CSIO in Rome.

To be part of the official team is Lorenzo De Luca, Bruno Chimirri, Luca Marziani, Emanuele Gaudiano and Giulia Martinengo Marquet.

De Luca and Chimirri were part of the team winning the Cup of Nations in Rome last year while Marziani – and De Luca himself – in 2017 brought Italy to win the Nations Cup in St. Gallen. Giulia Martinengo Marquet is the Italian champion in charge while Gaudiano is back from the excellent third place obtained in the Rolex Grand Prix of Windsor.
Among these the CT Duccio Bartalucci will choose the quartet that will defend the blue colors on the 25th of May in the Cup of Nations Intesa Sanpaolo.

The other blues are Michael Cristofoletti and Emilio Bicocchi (in Piazza di Siena both in law together with Martinengo thanks to the second and third place in the 2018 Italian Championship), Antonio Alfonso, Piergiorgio Bucci, Gianni Govoni, Massimo Grossato, Luca Maria Moneta, Paolo Paini, Alberto Zorzi and Paolo Adamo Zuvadelli.

Three, finally, the Under 25s that complete the squad: Luigi Polesello and Giampiero Garofalo (they will turn 24 on the next 16th and 19th of May) and Giacomo Casadei who with his 16 years not yet completed (September 1, 2002) becomes the youngest debutant of history at Piazza di Siena.

The return of Lorenzo “Il Magnifico”

Lorenzo De Luca. and who but him, among the blues, able to attract the attention of everyone from fans to international media after the splendid last seasons that have projected him to the top of equestrian reaching peaks in the world rankings never before centered by any other Italian rider. After the contribution made in 2017 to the victories of Italy in the Nations Cups of Rome and San Gallo, De Luca is highly anticipated in Piazza di Siena for the 86th CSIO and is aware that what awaits him will be a return with full of expectations.

“I too am curious to see how my roman and team test will evolve and in this period of approach I was mainly concerned with managing the horses better Halifax but also Ensor I am quite satisfied with how the work proceeds obviously there is always the lurking ambush that may even be positive, why not … winning in a competition like the roman one is always very difficult for us Italians. We do not turn around too much, away: Rome puts pressure on you…beautiful, but the pressure you feel, and we athletes are the first to want to repay with great result the heat of the public.We turn the world, jump in beautiful and rich competitions but Rome has always something different where you breathe a magic air 2018 did not give us great results yet …

Duccio Bartalucci, selector of the Italian national show jumping, comments on the choices made in the composition of the rose that will represent Italy on the occasion of the 86th CSIO in Rome Piazza di Siena Master of Inzeo. Bartalucci ‘plays the role’ motivating as a good CT, all the blues ready and determined to give their best in the CSIO of Italy.

“We are going to Piazza di Siena – he said – with the aim of replicating the excellent performance of last year. Today we can count on a team of riders that allows us to make very broad choices and we have a pair of well-established curricula. De Luca and Ensor de Litrange will be a cornerstone of our training; they will be joined by Marziani and Chimirri, authors of an excellent start to the season and strong confirmations obtained during the first official Nations Cup of Samorin. Gaudiano can count on two good horses like Caspar and Chalou and has the experience to an important trophy like the one in Rome. Giulia Martinengo, waiting for the return of her Fine Edition, has found in Verdine an excellent horse that has shown with the results on the field, even in the last Mannheim competition…”

Harrie Smolders’ Grand Prix victory in Hamburg Reactions

Harrie Smolders’ Grand Prix victory in Hamburg Reactions

Jan Tops, President LGCT: It was an amazing jump off especially how Harrie rode, with his jump off so smooth. From two to three he does one or two strides less than everyone else, he is amazingly consistent. Also it is now good to see Harried qualified for the (Longines Global Champions) Super Grand Prix in Prague.  Every winner of each leg qualifies for the Super Grand Prix. It is a very prestigious class and now he is part of it with four other great riders that are qualified. We are only in the 5th leg, another 11 to go and anything can happen, but we have fantastic combinations and they all want to win the Title.

Martin Fuchs (SUI), third place: “I had a good starting position being second last in the Grand Prix so I got to watch the riders before me. I saw that Harrie was very quick and my horse is naturally very fast but I knew that I had to take all the risks and maybe I came a bit too fast into the combination – it got very short in between and he had a light touch in front, but I am still very happy with third place. It’s just the second big show back for Chaplin after an injury, and he is as great as he was before and I’m really happy that he is back. 

“I want to win everywhere I go, especially places like this here in Hamburg. It’s definitely a dream of mine to win here in front of this crowd, so I was for a few minutes a little disappointed that it wasn’t a victory today, but actually I am very happy with third place and Harrie was just the best today.” 

Maurice Tebbel (GER), second place: “I was thinking about the fact that there was only one clear round, so I took a lot of risk and I knew Harrie was very fast — he’s a very fast rider — so I am happy about the second place. I knew that there was only one clear so I tried to be clear to get second for sure. It was an unbelievable day for me today. To win the first class with my nine-year-old stallion and then I changed my horse and he jumped amazing, so it was a very good day for me today. I was lucky that I changed.”

Harrie Smolders (NED), first place: “[Don VHP Z] is very consistent on this level. When I walked the course for the first round it looked tough so that was in our advantage at the moment. And I know he loves this place — he was second the last two years — and with seven in the jump-off I had a good shot and with this jump-off it suited him. I could make the right angles and his scope made the difference today. For sure it’s always possible to go faster, like Martin showed, and with Maurice at the end I knew there were very fast combinations who are young and hungry still to come so I was definitely not sure, but I thought a podium place was possible.

I’m very pleased that I am qualified [for the Longines Global Champions Super Grand Prix]. My horses are probably not the real winners, but they are very consistent and today was one of the few chances for me to win one [of the qualifiers] and I had that feeling and the scenario went like I wanted. I am very pleased with that. I only did two Globals so far, but we will for sure be there at St Tropez and Cannes and hopefully we can climb up the leaderboard.”

Joseph Davison wins the CSI2* Grand Prix Windsor

Joseph Davison wins the CSI2* Grand Prix Windsor

At the Royal Windsor Horse Show the CSI2* Grand Prix just came to an end, out of twenty combinations, four qualified for the jump off. Only the winner managed to pull of a double clear, Joseph Davison and the fifteen year old KWPN-gelding Coral Reef Wise Guy (Indoctro) were the ones to pull it of in 41,87 seconds.

Sienna Charles had the fastest time riding Chaitanya 2 (Cartani), they crossed the finishline in 40,78 seconds but they rubbed down a pole and had to settle for the runner up position.

Alexa Pessoa took the third podium place, in the saddle of Status (Satisfaction FRH) she stopped the clock in 44,28 seconds.

Kara Chad took the fourth place with Viva, a nine year old Now Or Never M mare. South-African rider Charles Luyckx took the last place in the top five with Elina (Carambole).

Princess from Thailand is set to compete in the Small Tour

Princess from Thailand is set to compete in the Small Tour

On Wednesday 13th June and Thursday 14th June, Bolesworth is set to host a number of prestigious dressage stars heading to the stunning venue.

Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari “Siri” Nariratana Vajiralongkorn from Thailand is set to compete in the Small Tour classes alongside a number of global dressage stars Carl Hester and Britain’s golden girl, Charlotte Dujardin who are set to compete this year.

Dressage fans can enjoy watching top horses and riders with the competition focus getting underway on Wednesday, June 13 with the CDI*** Dressage Grand Prix, the Small Tour Inter 1 Freestyle to Music as well as the Viewing Trials for the Young Dressage Horse World Championships as five, six and seven-year-old stages.

On the Thursday classes include the CDI*** Dressage Grand Prix Special and CDI*** Dressage Freestyle as well as an FEI Pony Team Test, a Viewing Trial for the Pony Europeans later in the year.

To add to the dressage excitement, Van Olst Horses and Carl Hester will be giving a demonstration on Thursday afternoon of the show, June 14.

Piazza di Siena 2018: An edition for “number ones”

Piazza di Siena 2018: An edition for “number ones”

Soon the closing of registrations for the edition number 86 of the CSIO in Rome (May 15), have already been confirmed by some important of the best ‘top riders’ of the moment. Two out of all: the British Scott Brash, first ever to register, and the Dutch Harrie Smolders.

Scott Brash, team gold at the London 2012 Olympics (5th individual) and long in the lead, starting from 2013, in the FEI Ranking boasts, among his many victories, that of the Rolex Grand Slam 2015.

The Scottish rider was in fact the first, and at the moment the only one, able to win the three Grand Prix of this circuit consecutively, to which he recently added that of ‘s-Hertogenbosh: Geneva, Aachen and Calgary. An epic undertaking, his, which has definitively projected it into the Olympus of the history of world jumping.

After the era of the legendary Hello Sanctos “the horse of a lifetime” as he defined it, Brash has a team of young promising jumpers in the stable. His first horse, however, remains the veteran Ursula XII, a true fighter we will see in the race in Rome.

Not far behind is the Dutch Harrie Smolders, ‘fresh’ leader of the FEI Ranking, who has a special feeling with Italy and with Rome in particular: first in 2016 and second in 2017 in the Grand Prix of the LGCT at the Stadio dei Marmi . In the last two seasons the rise of Smolders at the top of the equestrian that counts has been inexorable. Thanks also to two super horses like the stallions Emerald and Don VHP Z. And it is with the latter that last August Smolders won the individual silver medal at the European Championships in Gothenburg.

Passionate and Volunteers

The adrenaline is already a thousand for the 115 ‘volunteers’ selected by the FISE to be part of the great team of the 86th CSIO in Rome. In fact, many are the girls and boys who will once again contribute to the success of what, unanimously, is considered one of the most prestigious and beautiful horse races in the world.

But what is the profile of the volunteer of Piazza di Siena 2018?

This year they are all adults with a clear majority of pink quotas: as many as 80 girls compared to 35 boys.

Some are veterans, in the sense that they have already played this role in past editions. They come from all over Italy, including islands: Campania, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Lombardy, Marche, Piedmont, Puglia, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria and Veneto.

The youngest of the entire group is Marika, just 18 years old, who along with many of her peers will bring freshness and enthusiasm, while the presence of Francesca (born in 1957) will be in the sign of the experience of years lived for and together with horses.

The 115 ‘volunteers’ will be employed in the various areas that make up the complex organizational machinery of the competition. It goes from the Piazza di Siena area to that of the Villa Borghese Galoppatoio, from assistance to the international representatives present, to the various secretariats, to the Press Office, to the Ceremonial and other services for a total of 11 sectors.

How to distinguish them? Easy. All will wear the same uniform, but to make them recognizable will be the enthusiasm and happiness with which they will live as active protagonists a unique event like the CSIO in Rome.

At Piazza di Siena with Italo

Renewed the agreement between FISE and Italo with super discounts for those who want to reach Rome by train on the occasion of the 86th edition of CSIO Rome Piazza di Siena Master of Inzeo.

Until May 21st, it is in fact possible to buy the discounted ticket to travel from 22nd to 28th May to and from Rome. To take advantage of the special 10% discount (* Offer subject to availability) valid for purchases in Economy and Low Cost and in Smart, Comfort and Prima, buy the ticket from this link.

A Royal Victory on the opening day of the Chi Royal Windsor Horse Show

A Royal Victory on the opening day of the Chi Royal Windsor Horse Show

Britain’s leading lady, Laura Renwick, got the Show Jumping at Royal Windsor off to a flying start, winning the Equitop Myoplast Foxhunter – First Round, a two-phase National competition, with a double clear in a time of 34 seconds. Riding Arkuga, a seven-year-old homebred by Arko, out of her former top mare Beluga, Renwick used her international experience in the prestigious Castle Arena to knock over a second off the time of runner-up Charlie White.

The top twelve six-year-old horses from the Equitop Myoplast Foxhunter qualified for The Walwyn Novice Jumping Championship later in the day, a class which was won by Australian Rowan Willis, riding Hadyvola. The 1.30m course proved demanding for the novice horses, with only four combinations jumping clear, but Willis’ tight turn to an oxer approaching the final line made all the difference as he stormed to a four second victory.

The biggest class of the day, The 1.40m Land Rover Grades A & B Jumping Competition, went to Georgia Thame with Z7 Qamar. 15 of the 43 starters went through to the second phase against-the-clock, however speed proved the downfall of many, with only four managing to produce a rare double-clear. As second to go in the arena, Marie-Louise Thomas set the pace early on, producing a lovely clear in 35.90 seconds, however Thame took the lead midway through the class with a time of 31.46 seconds, which proved unbeatable. Keith Doyle, riding Harlequin Dunraven, came close, but his double clear in 32.07 seconds was only good enough for second place.

Selleria Pariani: Young Rider is born, the saddle dedicated to the youngest

Selleria Pariani: Young Rider is born, the saddle dedicated to the youngest

Yesterday afternoon, the historic headquarters of Selleria Pariani – via Capecelatro Milano – welcomed many young riders for the presentation of the new Young Rider saddle.

Caterina and Carlo Mutinelli, descendants of the fourth generation of the historic Milanese saddlery, together with Filippo Bologni and Vittoria Sofia Ruotolo showed a preview of the new saddle dedicated to the youngest.

The Young Rider, characterized by the classic Pariani quality, stands out for its coloured profiles – blue or pink – and a design dedicated to younger riders. The medium-deep seat and the design of the quarters, in dubbed leather, make it particularly suitable for younger riders, providing them with a valid help for a correct position in the saddle.

Also in this saddle we can find the sale items of Selleria Pariani: tradition and innovation. The soul of the Young Rider is in fact a wooden frame, a material that the saddlery has been using since 1903, with an innovative design that allows the horse maximum freedom of movement.

Measurements: 16 “- 16.5” – 17 “- 17.5”
Colors: Dark Havana or Black. Pink or blue colored details

A weekend of sporting excellence: Gold Medal returns to the territory of Novara

A weekend of sporting excellence: Gold Medal returns to the territory of Novara

Novara – The weekend was concluded with great success, which saw the discipline of complete riding at national and international level as protagonist.

In fact, with the fifth sporting season the Sporting Club Monterosa Novara, which since 2015 has given the Piedmont Region great prestige in the field of complete riding competitions, has kept its promise going beyond its expectations: not only to bring back the territory Novarese among the protagonists of this sport, but to return to the Piedmont Region its international showcase. As stated by the President of FISE Piemonte Giacomo Borlizzi: “it is many years that our territory does not boast of seeing the international horse riding protagonist. This event is a source of great satisfaction for all the Piedmontese riding “.

A tireless path for the important Equestrian Center, which unites the “different bodies in a single mind and philosophy”, from the management, technical, operational and sports staff, this reality has the great goal of becoming the reference point of the Southern Europe in the discipline of the “complete”.

A commitment carried forward with a deep belief and commitment that, just this weekend saw two gold medals return, one silver and one bronze medal in the Novara area.

For the category “Junior Debutant Regional Championships”

Gold Medal at Assunta Sacco
Silver medal for the very young Stefano Falcone
4 place to Chiara Ferrarese

For the “Senior Regional Championships” category

Gold Medal to Chiara Bellumore
Bronze medal to Emanuele Anchis

After the great success in 2017, the MIPAAF TAPPA is back: complete circuit organized by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Food Policies, whose purpose is to promote the protection and defend “made in Italy” excellence in the breeding of Italian horses. The stage is reserved for Italian horses of 4 and 5 years, respectively engaged in a category 1 and a category 2.

The second appointment saw the podium in 1 place, for the category of 5-year-old horses, the Italian champion of the chosen agent of the Fiamme Oro of the State Police Federico Riso with his Unico della Folgore (Breeding of the Folgore owned by Angelo Lai ). Federico Riso, also captain of the “Sporting Monterosa” multi-award winning team on this day, asserts “I am very satisfied with the results of the boys for these Regional Championships which exceeded all expectations and I hope that these results can be repeated also for the Regional Championships of Skip Obstacles that will take place at the end of the month “.

In short, a success that brings home, for the Sporting Club Monterosa Novara, not only a great sporting result but also an important turnout of the public, also intervened to attend the second edition of the event “CAVALLI E … MOTORI”: a nice car rally of the Autoamatori Club Novara.

According to the Chairman, Notary Claudio Limontini – “the results of these days confirm that the path we have taken is the right one, both as regards the organization of events also of great media resonance, and as regards the technical growth of students of our riding school. It should be stressed that the “gold” of this Championship are the result of the work and commitment of our instructors and our students in just over a year and a half of work, while the success of these important sports days goes to all the staff of the Sporting Club Monterosa that has done its utmost to ensure that everything goes well “.

The sporting day also saw the first stage of the “Italfiocchi Trophy” that ended with the victory, in the category “patents” of Margherita Giovanelli and, in the category “first and second degree licenses” by Clelia Casiraghi.

A weekend of sporting excellence: 5 and 6 May 2018

A weekend of sporting excellence: 5 and 6 May 2018

Novara – Sporting Club Monterosa Novara makes its debut in its fifth season, which since 2015 has given the Piedmont Region great prestige in the field of complete riding competitions, reporting the territory of Novara among the protagonists of this sport.

In this relentless journey, which unites the “different bodies in one mind and philosophy”, from the managerial, technical, operational and sports staff, this reality sets itself the great goal of becoming the reference point of Southern Europe in the discipline of the “complete”.

A commitment carried forward with a deep belief and commitment that, on the weekend of 5 and 6 May, is rewarded with the performance of this “triptych” of great prestige:

  • the debut with the first “COMPLETE INTERNAZIONALE”: two days of international competition, included in the F.E.I. (Fédération Equestre Internationale)
  • after the great success in 2017, the MIPAAF TAPPA returns: the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Food Policies, which promotes the protection and defense of “made in Italy” excellence, has chosen the Sporting Monterosa again to host a stage of its important circuit reserved for Italian horses of 4 and 5 years, respectively engaged in a category 1 and a category 2, in order to promote and support the breeding of autochthonous horses.
  • the reconfirmation of the “FINALS OF REGIONAL COMPLETE CHAMPIONSHIPS”.

But an important goal, in addition to the competitive aspect, is to promote equestrian culture; according to the President of the Sporting Club Monterosa Novara – the Notary Claudio Limontini – “serves to involve the general public, bring families and young people closer to this sport that offers the opportunity to create a fundamental interaction with this beautiful animal useful for the growth especially of children , for the development of their self-esteem and sense of responsibility. To go beyond the world of horse riding enthusiasts, our Equestrian Center organizes a series of collateral events that have welcomed the great consensus of the national press and, of course, of the visitors “.

In fact, in the wake of the great success of the first edition, back in this rich sports weekend, the event “CAVALLI … AND MOTORS”: a nice classic car gathering of the Autoamatori Club Novara, so that you can meet the “horses of yesterday “with the …” horses of today “. Already Italo Calvino in his book “An optimist in America” ​​of 1959-60 wrote: “Now, I finally understood what is the first thing that a foreigner must do when he arrives in New York: rent a horse. It is, moreover, the right way, of approach to America, the historical way, because starting from the horse I will be able to follow the evolution of means of transport … ”

CSIO Presentation Rome 2018

CSIO Presentation Rome 2018

The 86th edition of the CSIO in Rome Piazza di Siena scheduled for May 24-27, was presented today. An unprecedented and spectacular presentation in the heart of the most famous oval in the world where the sand has given way to the return in grass. The President of Coni Giovanni Malagò, the Councilor of Sport, Daniele Frongia,  Youth Policies and Major Events of Roma Capitale and the President of Fise, Marco Di Paola, took part.

Giovanni Malagò states: “This month of May is pyrotechnic for sport in Rome. A lot of football, International tennis, and now the horse show in Piazza di Siena that leads us to the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea. Our facilities are very busy and I thank the Coni Servizi team for this. Despite the many demonstrations, none of them has, over the years, fallen. Indeed, we have always made progress and Piazza di Siena is here to testify. When, at the end of last year’s edition, the President Di Paola, showed me the need to put the grass back and today this location is the best visiting card that we can present at national and international level. Our goal is to improve and I am happy to announce today officially that on Friday, on the occasion of the Cup of Nations, the President of the Republic of Italy, Sergio Mattarella will be present in the tribune “.

Daniele Frongia: “I like the assessment made a few days ago by the chef de piste Uliano Vezzani on Piazza di Siena, back on his historic grass land. Vezzani said: “Exciting, impressive, ideal to the foot and elastic”. Citizens and all foreign guests who will come here during the competition will not only have the opportunity to admire the best riders and horses in the world of this sport, but also a unique location in the world with the novelty of a return to the architectural forms of 700 The centuries-old cypress trees that surround the villa and the oval-shaped hedges enrich the Villa Borghese environment in a decisive and spectacular way. Finally, I would like to remind the spectacle of the Frecce Tricolori which will fly over the Piazza di Siena for the first time in the history of the Cup of Nations. The tricolor design will underline the internationality of the event. “

Marco Di Paola: “Today a dream comes true. Thanks to Coni with the President Malagò and the Municipality with the councilor Daniele Frongia, Piazza di Siena is back green. The dream is a reality also thanks to the precious work of Coni Servizi, always close in listening to us. But Piazza di Siena is green not only for the color of the grass, but also for the respect it places towards the villa, towards its unique monuments in the world, towards the whole location as a whole. We of the Federation wanted to return the villa to the scenario that was in the heads of the Borghese princes in 700, reducing seventy percent infrastructure to benefit its beauty and spectators who want to take advantage of the show’s competition. In addition to the grass field, this year’s competition extends to the Galoppatoio that will serve as the second course and will also host promotional events. Because our goal is to bring as many people as possible, families, boys and girls to this sport by making available our facilities. And in this context, once again this year, the Piazza di Siena competition will be completely free, because this is an event in Rome and it seems right that citizens can make the most of it. From a technical point of view we will have the best nations in the world, United States, New Zealand, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland for an even richer jackpot amounting to 835 thousand euros. We have a strong team, Lorenzo De Luca and Alberto Zorzi that will do everything to defend the victory captured the past edition, after 32 years. There will be, as tradition, the unique Caroselli in the world of the Lancers, the Carabinieri and the boys of Villa Buon Respiro because the horse for us is also an excellent therapist. This year then the 150th anniversary of the birth of the captain Federico Caprilli occur during the contest we will celebrate this anniversary. Founder of modern sport, he was the first to understand the existence of a close relationship between man and horse “.

Accompanying the event is the performance of the Lancieri di Montebello fanfare. At the end of the presentation, a mounted Spearman made an applauded essay in the name of Federico Caprilli, creator of the “natural riding system”.