Consuelo Palmerini suicide: equestrian champion

Jun 19, 2018 | News

She left no farewell, either in the car or in her home in North Rome. Consuelo Palmerini, 46-year-old horsemanship champion, threw herself on the morning of Tuesday, June 18, from a Cassia bis overpass, near the junction of Prima Porta and Castel de ‘Ceveri. She threw herself, fell into a van and was thrown on the other side of the roadway. Because of the violent impact, she died instantly. The driver of the van is Carlo Peciaroli, a 68-year-old resident in the province of Viterbo, who was seriously injured and was transported with the helicopter to Gemelli. Corriere della Sera writes that investigations are under way and that the woman’s cell phone has been acquired to check contacts and messages received in recent days. Palmerini, the newspaper continues, “was a breeder and federal instructor, Italian champion in 1992, but also first-rate and internationally important amazzone, with successes in Piazza di Siena and in the European championships”.