CSIO Presentation Rome 2018

May 6, 2018 | News

The 86th edition of the CSIO in Rome Piazza di Siena scheduled for May 24-27, was presented today. An unprecedented and spectacular presentation in the heart of the most famous oval in the world where the sand has given way to the return in grass. The President of Coni Giovanni Malagò, the Councilor of Sport, Daniele Frongia,  Youth Policies and Major Events of Roma Capitale and the President of Fise, Marco Di Paola, took part.

Giovanni Malagò states: “This month of May is pyrotechnic for sport in Rome. A lot of football, International tennis, and now the horse show in Piazza di Siena that leads us to the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea. Our facilities are very busy and I thank the Coni Servizi team for this. Despite the many demonstrations, none of them has, over the years, fallen. Indeed, we have always made progress and Piazza di Siena is here to testify. When, at the end of last year’s edition, the President Di Paola, showed me the need to put the grass back and today this location is the best visiting card that we can present at national and international level. Our goal is to improve and I am happy to announce today officially that on Friday, on the occasion of the Cup of Nations, the President of the Republic of Italy, Sergio Mattarella will be present in the tribune “.

Daniele Frongia: “I like the assessment made a few days ago by the chef de piste Uliano Vezzani on Piazza di Siena, back on his historic grass land. Vezzani said: “Exciting, impressive, ideal to the foot and elastic”. Citizens and all foreign guests who will come here during the competition will not only have the opportunity to admire the best riders and horses in the world of this sport, but also a unique location in the world with the novelty of a return to the architectural forms of 700 The centuries-old cypress trees that surround the villa and the oval-shaped hedges enrich the Villa Borghese environment in a decisive and spectacular way. Finally, I would like to remind the spectacle of the Frecce Tricolori which will fly over the Piazza di Siena for the first time in the history of the Cup of Nations. The tricolor design will underline the internationality of the event. “

Marco Di Paola: “Today a dream comes true. Thanks to Coni with the President Malagò and the Municipality with the councilor Daniele Frongia, Piazza di Siena is back green. The dream is a reality also thanks to the precious work of Coni Servizi, always close in listening to us. But Piazza di Siena is green not only for the color of the grass, but also for the respect it places towards the villa, towards its unique monuments in the world, towards the whole location as a whole. We of the Federation wanted to return the villa to the scenario that was in the heads of the Borghese princes in 700, reducing seventy percent infrastructure to benefit its beauty and spectators who want to take advantage of the show’s competition. In addition to the grass field, this year’s competition extends to the Galoppatoio that will serve as the second course and will also host promotional events. Because our goal is to bring as many people as possible, families, boys and girls to this sport by making available our facilities. And in this context, once again this year, the Piazza di Siena competition will be completely free, because this is an event in Rome and it seems right that citizens can make the most of it. From a technical point of view we will have the best nations in the world, United States, New Zealand, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland for an even richer jackpot amounting to 835 thousand euros. We have a strong team, Lorenzo De Luca and Alberto Zorzi that will do everything to defend the victory captured the past edition, after 32 years. There will be, as tradition, the unique Caroselli in the world of the Lancers, the Carabinieri and the boys of Villa Buon Respiro because the horse for us is also an excellent therapist. This year then the 150th anniversary of the birth of the captain Federico Caprilli occur during the contest we will celebrate this anniversary. Founder of modern sport, he was the first to understand the existence of a close relationship between man and horse “.

Accompanying the event is the performance of the Lancieri di Montebello fanfare. At the end of the presentation, a mounted Spearman made an applauded essay in the name of Federico Caprilli, creator of the “natural riding system”.