Di Paola e Nepi: “The victory of all”

May 31, 2018 | News

The binomials of the Italian Team in the Cup of Nations Intesa Sanpaolo and in the Rolex Grand Prix Rome make a joyful atmosphere tof the 86th CSIO in Rome Piazza di Siena. Italy has hit a double that was missing since 1976 were Raimondo and Piero d’Inzeo, Graziano Mancinelli and Vittorio Orlandi won the Nations Cup and Piero d’Inzeo winning the Grand Prix Rome. The president of Fise Marco Di Paola and the event director of CSIO in Piazza di Siena and Marketing Director of Coni Servizi, Diego Nepi, do not hide their more than legitimate satisfaction.

Marco Di Paola: “Many people ask me if I’m luckier or more successful. I say that I am lucky to be the president of the Fise and that we are winning when we choose the right people. Today we won a challenge launched less than two years ago with the president of Coni Giovanni Malagò. We have all won, Bartalucci, the chef de piste Uliano Vezzani, our sport director Eleonora Ottaviani, fundamental for international relations has won the team. Today we have a very large number of very high quality pairs which has allowed us not to suffer from important absences. With Coni we had the courage to make new choices, the grass, the Galoppatoio and the results rewarded us. With the victory in the Grand Prix Rome and the encore in the Cup of Nations we have filled a gap of forty years in our equestrian history. We know that next year we are asked to raise the bar, we will do our best to succeed and make this contest even more beautiful “.

Diego Nepi: “A few nights ago we presented a short film at the Casa del Cinema that tells the social and cultural history of Piazza di Siena and its sporting history. So I made a film myself and I thought of “Route netto” as the title of that film. Well, today we have all done “Net Route”. Last year for Piazza di Siena we had coined the slogan “The heart above the obstacle”, putting our heart to make everything ready in just three months. Among all, a very strong sense of compactness has been achieved. Then we all know that in a sport you win and lose but the important thing is to always remain united towards common goals “.

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Source: Piazza di Siena