Equine Kinesiology Taping Therapy

Jun 11, 2018 | News

My name is Rita Caglioti, I deal with horses and their well-being for over 45 years. The need to give a professional role to my “vocation” led me to attend Zooteicnia where I acquired a profound knowledge of the equine anatomy. The traditional addresses were followed by specific studies, resulting in a specialization in equine Bionaturopathy and in numerous collaborations in the equine physiotherapy field with several veterinary studies. Inducing me to study equine osteopathy.

The training course undertaken for over a decade on the technique of Equine Kinesiology Taping Therapy certified by prof. Lee from the University of Seoul, has allowed me to propose, in the world, as the sole reference figure for teaching this innovative method based on the principles of ‘osteopathy.

The wealth of experience gained in the field has resulted in the collection of numerous scientific data obtained through the study of a number of appropriately selected clinical cases. Kinesiology Tapingpe is an elastic adhesive bandage with a bio-mechanical therapeutic effect. It is a technique based on the natural healing process of the body through the activation of circulatory and neurological systems. Muscles are not only given the task of moving the body, but also the control of the circulation of venous and lymphatic fluids, body temperature, etc …

The correct application of Kinesiology tape promotes lymphatic drainage. It reduces pain. The neurological attenuation of pain occurs by reducing the pressure on the skin receptors thanks to a rebalancing of the lymphatic activity.

Assists in correcting the alignment of the joint. The dislocation of an articulation, due to abnormal muscle tension, can be corrected by the Kinesiology tape through the recovery of the function and consequently the correct use of Kinesiology Tape. The Kinesiology tape reduces pain and restores constant lymphatic drainage through proper application. The body surface covered by the Kinesiology tape forms convolutions increasing the interstitial space, with the right ribbon and the correct application performed by correct postures during the application is everything that is inserted so that the tape can have a right grip on the horse’s mantle : correct techniques for effective applications and durability of time necessary for horses in the paddock, in the box or in work which sweating, the tape may come off which is the most frequent demand.

As soon as the horse moves, the tape will work like a pump, continuously stimulating the blood circulation through small movements inside the box, the lymphatic circulation in the drainage function, also obtaining an attenuation of the irritation on the pain receptors. Applications can help reduce inflammation, pain, fatigue and muscle pain, correction, reduce the possibility of injuries, soften not only at the level of muscle tension or stiffness but also some typical and atypical problems of the horse by acting in a manner natural.

The Kinesiology tape has had over the years a continuous update based on clinical experience and research. Our method is based on these fundamental principles in order to obtain the best result, as our research is always evolving, having as its reference point the scientific research of the University of Seoul.

Pranataping Equine Kinesiology Taping Therapy

The teacher Prof. Lee, who I have been attending for 11 years, dedicating myself to EQUINE KINESIOLOGY TAPING, passed me the technique in the maximum purity of the method, being a researcher at the University of Seoul. The goal is to provide a useful tool in the daily use of this technique for riders and amazons giving indications based on experience of over forty years on horses and over ten years of specific studies on the method “Kinesiology Tape Therapy” .

The Kinesiology Tape contains no medicine: it helps without the use of drugs for a wide range of applications as long as you are willing to learn a correct application technique: only in this case you can get excellent results and the Kinesilogy Tape becomes a subsidy indispensable in every knight’s everyday life. Since this method has had international recognition, in recent years many athletes, in the most varied sports, use it.

Every rider must learn this method very useful and effective for the well-being of his horse, but only through training with experts in the field, we get to a correct application technique. You do not have to venture to learn independently because the applications are performed with postural techniques that the horses must assume for a correct application.

Only in this way Pranataping becomes an indispensable tool to eliminate tensions, rigidity, pains and to have performing horses. Pranataping acts in the movement. In the experiential baggage of each rider there must be a training course to correctly apply Pranataping: a technique that, correctly used, is fundamental for the horse, both during work and at rest in the box after training. Pranataping is a method of application that every rider must learn, putting the well-being of his horse first, ensuring a Happy Life. It also channels the energies of the Horse in the right direction that every rider and rider want, aimed at their own goals of athletes and not only…

From the biomechanical point of view, given that the physical well-being of the horse obtained through a correct athletic and postural request are the basis of a physiological and nervous equilibrium, the Kinesiology Tape finds its precise location and utility also for the athletic preparation of the sport horse. For both anaerobic and aerobic stress, muscle decontraction is the basic condition for the compression of the whole “horse machine”. The soft, tonic muscle, clean and drained by toxins of the stress, comfortable in the work through a right and correct tension in the correct alignment of the joints, ready to work with the right and energetic electrical energy of its fibers can only increase and improve the sporting and competitive performance of the horse.

Every rider and rider must have the opportunity to learn this technique.

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