House Arrest for Cesare Croce

Jun 5, 2018 | News

He leaves the prison for house arrest the president of the Disciplinary Board of the Order of Engineers of Monza and Brianza accused of making false reports for Giuseppe Malaspina. The precautionary measure of detention less afflictive for Cesare Croce, 70, was decided by the magistrate of Monza Federica Centonze (on favorable opinion of the prosecutor Salvatore Bellomo) after the interrogation requested by the engineer with the magistrate of the Procura di Monza in which Croce substantially accepted the charges that are challenged in the investigation that sees the center of the building contractor of Calabrian origin and his real estate empire to be saved from bankruptcy thanks to the collaboration of a ‘clique’ of professionals complacent and that led to 30 precautionary custody orders.

The engineer from Triuggio is considered one of Malaspina’s trusted associates, for which, according to the indictment, he “physically drafted the technical appraisal estimates of faults and defects in the realization of the works subject to false invoices, instrumentally designed to neutralize their payments. ». The engineer is the only one so far to have obtained a lightening of the precautionary measure after the only favorable opinion signed by the public prosecutor. This was not the case, for example, for the two lawyers arrested, Gerardo Perillo and Fabiola Sclapari. They had not used, like the majority of co-contractors, the right not to answer the questioning before the investigating magistrate and they had defended against the accusations against them. After the interrogation, the two lawyers have submitted through their legal claims to withdraw the measure of custody in prison, which have instead been rejected and are now considering whether to appeal to the Court of Review against the failure to release.

Meanwhile, requests for interrogations continue at the Monza prosecutor’s office. Today is the turn of Adriana Foti, ex-wife (but according to the indictment, only on paper) of Giuseppe Malaspina, under house arrest because he considers instead complicit company steps required by the entrepreneur to empty the values ​​of companies to be sent to bankruptcy and reinvest them in other companies, such as that of the luxurious horse-riding lodge in Ornago headed by the ex-spouse of Malaspina. TOMORROW will instead be surveyed by the public prosecutor Dario Ghezzi, also at home. He has contacted the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the defense of the accountant Salvatore Tamborino, who is in prison. One of the closest collaborators to Malaspina, Italo Rovero (at home), one of the employees who helped Malaspina to get rid of the company documentation and who, when the financiers arrived in 2015 at the headquarters of the entrepreneur’s Group in via Fiorbellina in Vimercate, he tried to continue to tear up the papers by demonstrating, according to the investigating judge, “criminal obstinacy”.

Source: Il Giorno