Revenue Agency meets Fise

May 31, 2018 | News

Revenue Agency has ensured the issuance of a short-term circular

FISE delegation composed of the President Avv. Marco Di Paola, the General Secretary Dott. Simone Perillo and Dr. Enzo Truppa, as a member of the Commission established by the FISE Council to identify the fiscal problems in the area that led to tax assessments and penalties of affiliated organizations FISE, has met, at the Directorate General of the Revenue Agency some executives at the top of the Agency, to discuss and find solutions to the points highlighted in a letter sent to the Inland Revenue where a meeting was requested in this regard .

During the meeting, which took place in a cordial and collaborative atmosphere discussed issues that are becoming increasingly critical for the affiliated FISE organizations, such as the disregard of the so-called “horse board”, as activities, institutional and therefore considered “commercial activity” regardless, as well as the so-called “diversified quotas” subject to disputes, as well as the disregard of ASD status on the basis of the aforementioned points or following “formal shortcomings” of no significant entity.

The Heads of the Revenue Agency have examined and discussed with great interest and understanding the issues brought to their attention and have announced the issuing of a circular clarifying many aspects that concern all ASDs in general, but with specific reference, in the same , to the particular themes of the equestrian sport and of the horse athlete considered of equal dignity and importance of the rider, as both considered athletes by the FISE Statute.

The Federation has kindly requested that this circular be made public as soon as possible. In this regard, it was assured that it will be issued in a short time. The hope is that this will happen by the end of June 2018.

Souce: Fise