Rolex Grand Prix Rome is finally Italian

May 28, 2018 | News

After the success of Lorenzo De Luca in Piazza di Siena after 24 years the victory of an Italian in the most prestigious competition.

It is clearly felt in the declarations of the winner. “I’m very happy, maybe I did not realize it yet – he continues – it’s an incredible satisfaction to be in front of a home crowd. The beauty is that this was my dream and my climb up to here can also be an inspiration for many young people.

It is a super prestigious grand prize especially now that Rolex is the main sponsor of the competition. The president of the Fise with the essential help of CONI did a fantastic job and I think that as a first year of returning to the grass the performance was incredible.

I spoke with the other riders and everyone is enthusiastic. Of course, having put the Italian flag at the Grand Prix was even better.

At the second round I immediately started the attack. I wanted to ensure the last jump but for all the others I followed the maximum rhythm. From the first day I continued to repeat to those who asked me that I felt in great form and today it happened: I ride to win. The course of the grand prize was beautiful and Uliano has always done magic. Our chef de piste represents a Made in Italy excellence that we really have to keep up because it’s incredible what he does. The course was big and very technical until the end. With these premises it is normal that even better ones can make mistakes. Today, I think we have all given the Romans and Italy a beautiful sport…

The support of the team has helped me a lot as I said the day of the cup. We Italians are becoming more and more professional and we are settling on a higher level. This also depends on the fact that we are confronting more and more often as a team and not only individually with the strongest riders in the world. Being so much together and experiencing things as a team gives us the opportunity to get to know each other more from a technical point of view. The beauty is that an improvement of each of us contributes to the improvement of all the others. We must keep this team spirit strong “.

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Source: Piazza di Siena

Photocredit: Stefano Ferraro