Salvatore Pollio

December 15th 2005


The little Salvatore Pollio is a very young Children with a great passion for the equestrian world: he starts his adventure at just 4 years with good results. All the masters who followed him immediately saw an unquestionable talent in him. In a few years and despite the very young age he has made his way alone and participated first in the Italian Championships then beeing selected by the Regional Committee FISE Campano to take part in the Ponyadi and competitions in Verona. In December 2015 in Sommacampagna (VR) he conquered the pony Italy first level H90 cup. This year he has already participated in some competitions in various regions of Italy always classifying in the first 3 places of categories H100 and H110. Finally, he participated in the regional championships taking part in the first international competitions. His horses are currently the ponies Rayon de Soleil and Vulcan.


Participated in the Ponyadi with the Campana Team, in the Pony Regions’ Cup in an individual capacity in Verona, in the first internationals on H110 at Lame and at Riviera Horse in San Giovanni Marignano. At the Pony Master Show Arezzo in the H105, he wins the access to Piazza di Siena 2018.


Montefalco CSI, Ponylandia Manerbio Coppa Italia

Motefalco CSI

4° Campionati Regionali, 19° Campionati Pony


Cavalli a Roma B105, CSI Toscana Tour, Pony Master Show Arezzo, CSIO Piazza di Siena, Campionati Regionali Pony Esordienti h110

CSI Toscana Tour, CSIO Piazza di Siena Pony Trophy

Cavalli a Roma B100


Pony Master Show Arezzo

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Rayon de Soleil, Vulcain D’Url ‘Vent

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Salvatore Pollio with Rayon de Soleil

CSIO Piazza di Siena Pony Friday May 25th 2018

Salvatore Pollio with Vulcan

Country Club Napoli February 4th 2018

C.I. Sorrento Equitazione

Seguito dall’Istr. Michele De Angelis
Via Nastro Azzurro 5, Piano di Sorrento 80063 Napoli