Seized Malaspina Equestrian Center

May 21, 2018 | News

Bribes to turn a blind eye to the irregularity of some public works and invoices issued for non-existent transactions for an amount of about 95 million euro, with capital disruptions for a value of 234 million euro. Twenty-one people were arrested by the Guardia di Finanza of Monza in execution of an order of the investigating magistrate of Monza for criminal association aimed at tax and bankruptcy crimes, fraudulent transfer of values, money laundering and corruption. Among those arrested, ten of them in prison, there is also the former magistrate Gerardo Perrillo who served in the Bankruptcy Section of the Court of Monza and two lawyers. The arrests were taken in the province of Milan, Monza and Brianza, Lecco, Bologna, Asti and Reggio Calabria.

The investigation, called Domus Aurea and coordinated by the prosecutor of Monza, Salvatore Bellomo, was born from an anonymous exposition of a political exponent of opposition from the municipality of Correzzana against mayor Mario Corbetta, who was investigated for corruption. The investigators had requested arrest but the offense was prescribed. The precautionary measures were carried out by the Guardia di Finanza of Monza, following an investigation that led to the dismantling of a group of companies attributable to a Calabrian building contractor, Giuseppe Malaspina, a resident of Brianza, accused, among other things, to have issued invoices for non-existent transactions for an amount of approximately 95 million euros, with capital disruptions for a value of 234 million euros. Around the entrepreneur revolved a group of professionals who made available their skills to create a sophisticated system of companies aimed at distracting capital. A real network with a “meticulous division of roles”, in which the role of accountants, surveyors, engineers, lawyers “was found – as explained by the prosecutors of the survey, Salvatore Bellomo and Giulia Rizzo – essential for achieving of the entrepreneur’s objectives “.

Among the assets seized by the Guardia di Finanza of Monza during the operation there is also the hotel Cà Sagredo of Venice which, until a few weeks ago, hosted “Support”, a work made up of two great hands of the artist Lorenzo Quinn , installed on the occasion of the Art Biennale and removed at the beginning of May. However, the reply of Lorenza Lain, director of the Venetian hotel, came around: “The Cà Sagredo hotel has an independent management, separate from that linked to the property of the surveyor Giuseppe Malaspina. me and the hotel is fully operational with an active budget.The relations with the bankruptcy curators – he adds – are excellent and there is good cooperation in order to keep the hotel fully operational and autonomous “.

Also seized the building that housed the Gritti hotel in Milan, a few meters from the Scala, and a riding school in Ornago. The arrested are accused in various capacities of criminal association aimed at tax and bankruptcy crimes, fraudulent transfer of values, money laundering and corruption.

In total, the preventive seizure of 28 real estate units, company shares and financial assets, subject to distraction, for a total value of 9.3 million euro, aimed at confiscation up to the amount of about 10 million euro was ordered; corresponding to the evaded tax.

At the base of the investigation of the Monza group of the Guardia di Finanza, many interceptions. “Everything we have said today is fake, the problem is having a piece of paper”, one of the arrested persons explained, in the words of another suspect, the identikit of the mendigators to look for and to which the companies are registered. sixty, seventy years .. nullatenente .. loser .. one of those who sign and do not understand anything .. “” Look here that you have to make a fancy effort .. it takes Walt Disney “.

“There have been contacts with many administrations where the entrepreneur has built real estate complexes, residences, sports facilities, stables, or where he has made investments in the hotel industry – explained the pm Bellomo -. This investigation is closed, if other irregular situations emerge in other administrations, we will proceed with any necessary analysis “. “It was a complex investigation for the plot to be deciphered – says the head of the Monza prosecutor Luisa Zanetti – With the unlawful conducted unveiled, made of illegally stored assets, with subtractions to the tax authorities of false invoices, you contribute to in crisis the economy of a country, to discourage investments “.

The Guardia di Finanza has arrested some of the suspects while they were about to destroy the evidence with a bulldozer. The center of the organization was in Vimercate (MB) and right there the agents of the Gdf surprised some men while they were loading documents in a box with a bulldozer. Their goal was probably to load them on a truck and destroy them.

Source: Sandro De Riccardis “La Repubblica”