Summer Camps: FISE supports the affiliated centres

Jun 2, 2018 | News

The promotion activity plays an increasingly important role for many affiliated centres and represents an important moment of popularisation of equestrian sports

A great initiative of the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation that wants to support all its affiliated bodies in the promotion of the 2018 Summer Campuses through the different communication channels, aiming to ensure the reliability of affiliated clubs through the federal trademark.

To achieve this important goal, aimed exclusively at the base, the Federation is planning a dedicated page on the federal website useful for those who want to promote the initiatives of their club.

The page, accessible through a dedicated banner “Fise Camp 2018”, will contain news, photos and useful addresses divided by region.

The initiative will find in the Regional Committees an important contribution in particular in the role that the territorial bodies will play in making the connection and coordination between FISE Nazionale and Affiliated Centres. The campuses will be oriented according to the educational-teaching principles in line with the federal standard for young age groups. Children and young people between the ages of 5 and 14 will be able to take advantage of a safe environment within facilities where they can experience pre-sport ludic-motor activity, with criteria and methodologies focused on personal development.

The “Fise Camp 2018” should also be aimed at children and the more sedentary and less prone to physical activity, to whom, during the summer, the initiative will offer the opportunity to learn and experience the equestrian activity.

This project will also be an important opportunity to involve young people in difficulty, reported by the social and health structures and the “Sport Senza Frontiere” non-profit organization with which Fise has a collaboration agreement.

Attached is the application form that must be completed by the interested clubs and sent to the Regional Committees of belonging. The Regional Committees will endorse the applications received and send by Friday 8 June the list of centers wishing to join, to the e-mail address

FISE Camp 2018 membership form

Source: Fise