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Distinguished Club Students International and Italian Championships

Marco Biasia

Camp. Europei: 1990 – 91 – 92 (Oro squ. Bronzo ind.) – 1993 (Oro ind. e squ.)

Camp. Europei Juniores: 1994 – 95 – 96 Campionato del Mondo 1998

Camp. Europei Senior 1999 – Saumur 1999 C.C.I. 1° Class.

P.P. Atlanta 1996 – P.O. Sidney 2000

Alberto Casolari

Campionato Italiano Senior: Argento 1990 Bronzo 1991

P.O. Barcellona 1992 – Burghley 1992 C.C.I. ****

Camp. Europei Senior 1993 – PAU C.C.I *** 1993 1° Class

Campionato del Mondo Aya 1994 – Badminton C.C.I **** 1995

Caterina de Ferrari

Camp. Europei Young Riders 1992

Francesca Friggione

Camp. Europei Juniores 1993

Beatrice Guidi

1° Coppa CSIo Abano Terme – G.P e Coppa della Nazioni CSIO Reims 2009 – Partecip. CSIO

Hagen 2009 – 3° Camp. Italiani 2008 – 4° Camp. Italiani 2009 – Camp. Europa Jardy Parigi

Camp. Europei Comporta (Portogallo) – 13 Coppe Naz 2010, 2011, 2012 – 4° G.P. Hagen Y.R.

Clarissa Tabarini

Camp. Europei Pony 2004 e 2005 – Camp. Italiani 2003 (Oro cce e Oro Combin.) 2004 (Bronzo) (Oro Camp. Ital. Stile) – 2005 (Argento) – 2007 (Argento Camp. Ital. J.S.O.)

Internazionli cce varie partecipazioni nel 2003-2004-2005-2006 – Internaz. J.S.O. (4° G.P. Pontedera – 4° G.P. Praga) – Partecipaz. G.P. e Coppe Nazioni J. 6° computer list J. 2008 – 1Coppa Naz. Praga

Filippo Tabarini

Camp. Europei Pony 2002 6° Class – Camp. Europei Juniores 2003 (Oro squ. e 6° individuale) – Camp. Europei Juniores 2004 – Camp. Italiani 2000 (Oro cce) 2000 combinata – 2003 (Oro cce) – 2004 (Bronzo J. salto ostacoli) – Internazion. S.O. Gran Prmio C.S.I.O.J. None (TO) 1° Class. 6 barriere (2mt.) 2004 – Partecipaz. G.P. e Coppe delle Nazioni J. e Y.R. – 4° computer list Y.R. 2005

Sarah J. Tornielli

Camp. Europei Juniores 1986 e 1987

Andrea Verdina

Camp. Europei Juniores 1986 – 87 Young Riders: 1988,1989,1990

P.O. Barcellona 1992 – Camp. Europei Senior 1999

Olimpiadi Sidney 2000


Antonio Tabarini

He served for several years as a federal rider, part of a group of young men who had the Marquis Mangilli as mentor. And the great master has assimilated the secrets of riding that is extrinsic and lives on the quality of people and horses (without this basic and difficult ingredient that we can speak of true art), and aware that through the continuous research of small and great mysteries that are enclosed in the chest of the horse planet can reach the summit of knowledge. As a rider he has disdained the charm of agony to dedicate himself with an innate scruple and a special transport to the work of preparing the horse as fascinated by the heritage, without boundaries, of the forces and the delicacies of this noble animal, all difficult to understand, to discipline and to coordinate, in order to indulge in the end, the pleasure of having built a machine with a soul, the horse-machine. But it is in his natural attitude and pleasure of the spirit that he has found the right dimensions and motivations to practice the profession of the technician or the trainer of horses and riders, in a field where I do not miss the difficulties because the horse is not suitable tool for all hands, drawing inspiration from virtues such as the discipline of work, a practical and essential culture, common sense, the pursuit of perfection, the sense of duty.

With his students he is never too soft because he knows that when he’s horseback riding, young or old that he is the rider, the commitment and the responsibilities required are not utopias but often raw and with few ways out. He organised a center, the Sono Club, lying on the sweet Piedmont countryside of the province of Novara which is something between an art gallery, a club a bit ‘exclusive, a corner of rest and relaxation, where “work” he is always alert around the corner. Knights of excellent fracture came out of this center and many young people found a school where riding is taught with gloves. Behind his figure, always elegant in the form (it is rare not to see him in an estate in line with the style of the man of horses of other times) and kind in ways (never missing a captivating smile). Antonio hides a strong, volatile and severe character, more inclined to keep his thumb down rather than upwards, instinctively convinced that equestrian art does not allow too many exams of reparation.

“Da un Secolo all’Altro…a Cavallo” – Ludovico Nava

He collaborates with the FISE since 1981, initially as a rider and later as a technician for the Olympic disciplines

And a Master of Excellence for the Olympic disciplines

27 presences with his students at the European Championships

22 presences with his students in the Cups of Nations C.S.I.O J.Y.R

For 10 years Responsible Technician and Chief Team of the National Team at the European Championships

He received two Academy Awards from the National Instructor Association for International results obtained with his students

Teacher in the training courses for Federal Instructors for the disciplines: Complete, Salto Obstacles, Young Horses It is part of the National Preparation for the Complete

It belongs to the Technical Group of the Pyramid Project concerning the Salto Ostacoli and is one of the reference Technicians in the Youth Project “Ride Fair”

Member of the Exam Commission for Federal, National and International Instructors

Member of the FISE working group on the knowledge of the horse in collaboration with the Veterinary sector. Collaborates on the drafting of the Guide Text for Federal Instructors

Judge in the races of Style in the Jump in Freedom, in the categories of Attitude of the Young Horses, of Dressage, Inspector and Judge in the Categories of Complete

Field director for the Salto Ostacoli

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