The Italian’s list at Piazza di Siena

May 15, 2018 | News

FISE has announced today the names of the 18 riders who will take the field for the 2018 edition of the CSIO in Rome.

To be part of the official team is Lorenzo De Luca, Bruno Chimirri, Luca Marziani, Emanuele Gaudiano and Giulia Martinengo Marquet.

De Luca and Chimirri were part of the team winning the Cup of Nations in Rome last year while Marziani – and De Luca himself – in 2017 brought Italy to win the Nations Cup in St. Gallen. Giulia Martinengo Marquet is the Italian champion in charge while Gaudiano is back from the excellent third place obtained in the Rolex Grand Prix of Windsor.
Among these the CT Duccio Bartalucci will choose the quartet that will defend the blue colors on the 25th of May in the Cup of Nations Intesa Sanpaolo.

The other blues are Michael Cristofoletti and Emilio Bicocchi (in Piazza di Siena both in law together with Martinengo thanks to the second and third place in the 2018 Italian Championship), Antonio Alfonso, Piergiorgio Bucci, Gianni Govoni, Massimo Grossato, Luca Maria Moneta, Paolo Paini, Alberto Zorzi and Paolo Adamo Zuvadelli.

Three, finally, the Under 25s that complete the squad: Luigi Polesello and Giampiero Garofalo (they will turn 24 on the next 16th and 19th of May) and Giacomo Casadei who with his 16 years not yet completed (September 1, 2002) becomes the youngest debutant of history at Piazza di Siena.

The return of Lorenzo “Il Magnifico”

Lorenzo De Luca. and who but him, among the blues, able to attract the attention of everyone from fans to international media after the splendid last seasons that have projected him to the top of equestrian reaching peaks in the world rankings never before centered by any other Italian rider. After the contribution made in 2017 to the victories of Italy in the Nations Cups of Rome and San Gallo, De Luca is highly anticipated in Piazza di Siena for the 86th CSIO and is aware that what awaits him will be a return with full of expectations.

“I too am curious to see how my roman and team test will evolve and in this period of approach I was mainly concerned with managing the horses better Halifax but also Ensor I am quite satisfied with how the work proceeds obviously there is always the lurking ambush that may even be positive, why not … winning in a competition like the roman one is always very difficult for us Italians. We do not turn around too much, away: Rome puts pressure on you…beautiful, but the pressure you feel, and we athletes are the first to want to repay with great result the heat of the public.We turn the world, jump in beautiful and rich competitions but Rome has always something different where you breathe a magic air 2018 did not give us great results yet …

Duccio Bartalucci, selector of the Italian national show jumping, comments on the choices made in the composition of the rose that will represent Italy on the occasion of the 86th CSIO in Rome Piazza di Siena Master of Inzeo. Bartalucci ‘plays the role’ motivating as a good CT, all the blues ready and determined to give their best in the CSIO of Italy.

“We are going to Piazza di Siena – he said – with the aim of replicating the excellent performance of last year. Today we can count on a team of riders that allows us to make very broad choices and we have a pair of well-established curricula. De Luca and Ensor de Litrange will be a cornerstone of our training; they will be joined by Marziani and Chimirri, authors of an excellent start to the season and strong confirmations obtained during the first official Nations Cup of Samorin. Gaudiano can count on two good horses like Caspar and Chalou and has the experience to an important trophy like the one in Rome. Giulia Martinengo, waiting for the return of her Fine Edition, has found in Verdine an excellent horse that has shown with the results on the field, even in the last Mannheim competition…”